Large Orders

Family Platters

Tax & Gratuity not included in online pricing.

Family Platter orders need to be placed before 2pm for the following day.

All family platter sandwiches come on assorted breads (white, wheat, rye) except the Godfather (hoagie)
8 full sandwiches on each platter. Each sandwich cut in 4 quarters and hoagies are cut in 4-inch sections (platter feeds 8-12)

Platter A

Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal

Platter B

Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia

Platter C

Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia, Godfather

Platter D

Foghorn, Cleo, Hannibal, Julia, 2nd Deadly

Need some add-ons?

Large house pickled vegetables $4.00

House made potato chips $4.00

Salads (feeds 5-7)





Chicken Tortilla


Chicken Caesar


Hummus Platter


Get in touch with us:


We do have minimum spend amounts once parties become greater than 30 people.

Just in case you need to be a larger reservation:

For the amount of people (30-40) the spend amounts are as follows:

Deposit of $200; Minimum purchase amount of $700 (this includes deposit, food and drinks; not including tip)

20% tip ($140); 30% ($210 [recommended]) minimum that will be divided up between staff (as we'll be bringing extra people on).

Valid credit card number (Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover) upon reservation confirmation.

Minimum 48 hour cancellation to not be charged the deposit

Must be here for your reservation no later than 15 minutes after your set time (15 minute window) otherwise we will have to start seating people if it is busy.

As you may know we are not a large venue and our seating can be limited. 30-40 people occupies a good part of the pub or patio. If it's during extreme weather, outside patio seating may not be the most comfortable for you and your guests. However, the patio is the most ideal option for larger parties if the weather is suitable.

(Minimum spend amounts increase incrementally with every 20 people added on to the reservation. A 100-person reservation is a complete buyout)

We also want to make sure you know about our large party sandwich, salad and hummus platters that can be ordered up to 24 hours in advance before 2 PM (though we would appreciate if we knew a little more in advance for larger orders/parties). This option allows food to be ready in a much more timely matter especially for so many people and allows your guests to only be concerned with getting drinks. You can find this information here on our website if you scroll to the top and click on large orders

Each platter is equivalent to 8 sandwiches cut into quarters. Please place your order in whatever increments add up to 8 sandwiches.

(e.g. Platter A: 3 x Foghorn, 2 x Cleopatra, 3 x Hannibal= 8 sandwiches)

We will need a valid credit card number and exp. date to hold on to this reservation- but you will not get charged the deposit until the day of- or if you cancel in less than 48 hours. You're welcome to email that CC number to us ( call us at 512-610-2031 if you would rather give that info in person.

We also have a game room that includes a pool table, foosball, dart board and table tennis. We can set up your party and serve our sandwich platters potluck style.

For restaurant buyouts, events, catering or gift certificates,

please use this page for initial contact.

run club

We leave from the front stoop of Gourmands on Thursday's at either 7pm (spring/summer) or 6:30pm (fall/winter). Starting times roughly track daylight savings time.

Routes include 3 or 5 miles. All runs finish with a little comradery over drinks and comida. Get to know your fellow gluttonous runners over $2.00 tall boys and ½ off nachos for the entire evening.

"Allow me to run when I don't want to,
drink when I shouldn't,
and have the wisdom to COMBINE the two."

Sandwich club

Eat each one of our menu sandwichs and our specials, get a cool t-shirt.

Our members get to partake in $2.50 drafts of their choice,

but must sport their sweet club T-shirt in order to get the gold.

History: The Sandwich Club came about after discussions between a few regulars and staff. The regulars felt that an exclusive club should exist for those folks who could/would eat all 21 of our full sandwiches. To date over 100 people have signed up to take the challenge and only a few have completed.

The most notable finish has to be Mike. He took the challenge to a new level when he walked in to the pub one afternoon and announced that he would be eating all 21 sandwiches in as many days. We didn't think he would do it around day 13 when he skipped a day, but in true champion style he finished off on the 21st day by eating 2 sandwiches.

That is no small task by any standard, our hats off to you Mike.

Not to be outdone, Brian finished a second round through the sandwiches, but this time he did them all on a hoagie rolls. We'll call him "El Conquistador De Bocadillos!"

Sandwich Club Happy Hour is the last Thursday of each month

Master of Sandwiches Progression