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Sun 7am — 12am
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 Our members get to partake in $2.50 drafts of their choice,

but must sport their sweet club T-shirt in order to get the gold.

History: The Sandwich Club came about after discussions between a few regulars and staff. The regulars felt that an exclusive club should exist for those folks who could/would eat all 21 of our full sandwiches. To date over 100 people have signed up to take the challenge and only a few have completed.

The most notable finish has to be Mike (pictured below with half of his head cut off just above his teeth). He took the challenge to a new level when he walked in to the pub one afternoon and announced that he would be eating all 21 sandwiches in as many days. We didn’t think he would do it around day 13 when he skipped a day, but in true champion style he finished off on the 21st day by eating 2 sandwiches.

That is no small task by any standard, our hats off to you Mike.

Not to be outdone, Brian (also seen below and one of the outspoken few in favor of the club) just finished a second round through the sandwiches, but this time he did them all on a hoagie rolls. We’ll call him “El Conquistador De Bocadillos!”

Sandwich Club Happy Hour is the last Thursday of each month